Asparagus/goat cheese tart

Asparagus/goat cheese tart – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS carlo75 (Carlo)



9 years ago
Roll your puff pastry on a floured board cut a disc and place in a mold
Prep your asparagus cut the root off boil the rest in salted water cut the tips and set aside cut the rest in piecies saute in a pan with butter salt and pepper
Make a bechamel boil the milk with salt pepper and nutmeg add roux ( butter/flour mixed together) boil for 15/20 min add your parmesan the asparagus and the goat cheese and mix well add egg yolk and pour into mold add the tips sprinkle more goat cheese and butter on top bake at 160 for 30/35 min let it rest and serve with chives and a mixed salad