Viet Wraps

Viet Wraps – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS leannnz (Leann Li)



Leann Li
10 years ago
One of those most known Vietnamese food many customers get. But instead of going out why not make it yourself it's a lot more fun and also as well a salad as a side dish that is extremely healthy and full with nutritious.

The viet wraps you can find it groceries make sure you get a plate and pour water till it filled the whole plate don't pour a lot pour until it's 2 mm soak it in the water for 10 second until it's soft chop up some vegetables like cumcumbers straight downward , carrots , and clear noodles which you can also get in Asian groceries , add some grilled chicken inside as well and wrap it nice and tight the wrapping part is tricky if it falls don't worry keep trying you'll get it soon. The sauce make sure it's sourish and salty and sweet as well you can use some sour salad dressing as well . For the salad if you have some left over vegetables use it to make the salad also add some avocado and celery use the dressing so you don't have any left overs and waste any ingredients. Good luck !