The tomato tornado

The tomato tornado – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS laurenmartinez (Lauren)



10 years ago
First put a teaspoon of Olive oil in a pan.
Then cut up some cherry tomatoes. And put the seed side to the pan.
Let that cook for about 2 minuets.
After that, add some spinach, and A lot of mozzarella cheese. This will give It this cheesy goodness. Then you can go ahead and add your basil. (Doesn't matter what kind).
And some salt and pepper.
Lastly, you can add an avocado (slice or side, for example I did side.)
And add more basil on top of the avocado, and some more cooked tomatoes. And the last step to bring it all together, some lemon or lime juice. I used lime. But whatever you'd like. This way, when you cut open the avocado, it adds a kick to the spinach and tastes delicious!!! I hope you love this recipe and try it out soon.