Quinoa Cauliflower cakes

Quinoa Cauliflower cakes – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS soydevivre (Tomoko Takeda)



Tomoko Takeda
9 years ago
1 cup of cooked quinoa
2 cups of diced/chopped raw cauliflower
2 table spoon of Parmesan cheese
A large pinch (a little less than a handful) of shredded cheese of your choice. [i used the trader joe's low fat mixed shredded cheese)
2 green onions for some color ( you can add some chopped up kale/spinach instead)
1 egg
Some salt and pepper for flavor ( I don't add salt because I think the cheese is salty enough!)

Mix everything together in a bowl
Put pan on medium heat and spread some olive oil.
Use large spoon to place onto the pan.

Cover the pan a little bit so the cheese melts faster!
Flip them over and cook until it's a little brown on both sides!!!

** mixed ingredients may seem lose but the cheese will melt and everything will stay together