Crisp pumpkin flowers (Crab)

Crisp pumpkin flowers (Crab) – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS cmacalister (Cameron Macalister)



Cameron Macalister
10 years ago
50 g fish (barramundi or snapper)
50ml cream
1 egg white
1 blue crab
3 zucchini flowers, or pumpkin flowers
1 egg ( soft boiled)


100 g tapioca flour
100 g rice flour
Sparkling water

To serve
Pickled carrots
Pickled kipfler potato
Sauer kraut
Chilli mayonnaise


Add crab to boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes depending on size. Refresh in iced salty water to stop cooking. Pick crab set aside.

Place fish in processor with cream and egg white to make a mousse.

Fold crab through mousse, season to taste by frying of a small amount until perfect.

Stuff zucchini flowers with crab mousse.

Roll the flowers in flour mix, tap of excess flower, then add sparkling water to flour mix and whisk until the batter coats your finger. Dip flowers in the batter and place in the deep fryer at 180 degrees Celsius, with pickled kipfler potato until crispy and cooked through.