Korma very creamy curry

Korma very creamy curry – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS carlo75 (Carlo)



8 years ago


Garlic 1
Garam masala 2
Paprika 2
Chili powder 2
Ginger 1
Turmeric 2
Coriander 1
Cashew nuts 2
Tomato paste 2
Coconut milk 4

Mix all these dried ingredients(numbers are spoons)and fry with onions add tomato paste and blend into a paste
Prep your favourite meat i have used pork (but chicken-lamb or beef can be use) dice all up and fry in a pan add your paste(the decided amount the rest can be store in fridge)and coconut milk some stock and cook covered until tender
In the end for extra creamy taste add the following ingredients

Coconut cream 2
Yoghurt 4
Lime juice 1

Fresh coriander/roasted cashews-fresh tomato to serve eat wih rice
You can always adjust seasoning and creamyness according your taste
Please enjoy