Tomato rigatoni rrrr

Tomato rigatoni rrrr – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS ninique (Monique )



9 years ago
Ingredients: half a box of good quality rigatoni, 1 onion,3 tomatoes, 2 tbls of tomato paste,olive oil,thyme and parsley,1 tiny block of butter,garlic one fairly big segment, small piece of ginger, paprika .
Method: •pour olive oil generously in the pot. •add finely diced onions•let it cook for a bit•add garlic and ginger•cook for a bit.•grate 2 and a half tomatoes and chop the remaining half and add to onions.•let it simmer with lid for 15minutes•place tomato paste in a cup season with salt and add a tsp of sugar and a small amount
of boiling water to get a runny paste•add paste to pot•add a little boiling water to pot and allow to simmer for 5minutes•add a tsp of parsley,thyme and paprika and sugar.•simmer for 10mins•add butter and season with salt and pepper. •cook rigatoni according to packaging• drain pasta• toss with olive oil and then mix with tomato sauce. Serve with salad and garlic bread