My tandoori chicken

My tandoori chicken – created on the CHEF CHEF app for iOS carlo75 (Carlo)



8 years ago
Tandoori paste

Cumin 2
Coriander 2
Ginger 2
Curry 2
Chili 2
Garlic 2
Peppercorn 2
Paprika 2
Tomato paste 2
Oil 2
Lemon 2
Sugar qb
Yoghurt qb

Blend all the ingredients to make a paste
Rub your chichen legs and thight and let marinate overnite
Next day place in a tray with baking paper and set in the oven at 230 degrees and roasted for 10 minutes reduce the temp to 170 and cook it until 75 degrees is reached in the middle serve with spring onion coriander and fresh lemon
Eat with rice